Exams and Festivals


Many of our instructors encourage students to become involved in the studies and exam process offered through the Royal Conservatory of Music. Through accreditation from the RCM, students are able to provide credentials supporting their musical skills. Studio Nine instructors have a proven record of success helping students through the program, and work hard to ensure their students’ feel confident at exam time. For more information on the Royal Conservatory, their curriculum and examination dates please click the link above to visit their website.

Rock School logo

Alternative to the RCM program, Rock School offers students the chance to attain musical credentials in a more contemporary discipline. Studio Nine School of Music is one of the first schools in Canada to offer this globally recognized program and has had the honour to be the primary testing centre for this area. This offers students a convenient place for students and their families to participate in this program. For more information on the Rock School program please click the link above to visit their website.





The Calgary Performing Arts Festival, formerly the Kiwanis Festival, is one of the greatest performing arts events in Calgary, and one of the largest amateur competitive festivals in North America. Many Studio Nine instructors are active with the festival and prepare their students for the competition. At Studio Nine, we feel this is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their skills and see the work of other amateur performers in a class of their peers. With the help of our instructors, our students perform very well and have even performed at a provincial level. For more information please click the link above to visit the official Calgary Performing Arts Festival site.