Group Lessons

Studio Nine School of Music offers a variety of group lessons and specialty classes for students. Check out these great classes below! Register now or contact us for more information!

 Keyboard Adventures: The Safari.  Keyboard Program Age 4-6

Rock School Ages 10 – 15

Musical Theatre Ages 10 – 15

Keyboard Adventures: The Safari

Offered Fridays and Saturdays in Lake Bonavista and McKenzie Towne!

Every music student has a first class, a first year, a first musical experience. Keyboard Adventures: The Safari is the class that provides that first year of music in a way that compliments the needs and abilities of its students. Written and designed for children aged 5 to 6, this class takes students on a musical ‘Safari’ through the jungle, meeting animal friends while on a quest for adventure. Classes are made fun for this age group, as they learn the basics of music, theory and repertoire, while being prepared for private lessons, future music exams and a life of learning.

Taught through the use of singing, games, stories and exercises, the focus is to develop the student. This class teaches these young students the same fundamentals they would learn in private classes, but spotlights fun and learning through games.

Studies show that the most successful way to teach is through play, and this is never more important than with young beginner. By using stories, songs and games, the Safari program excels in teaching the fundamentals of theory and technique so students are prepared for private lessons and a life time of music. Prepare your child for their lifelong relationship with music and register now!

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Rock School

Want in a band but you’re just not sure where to start? Our SCHOOL OF ROCK program is for students like you!

“I remember when I was in my first band” says Aaron Lowen, Music director at Studio Nine. “We were just a bunch of junior high school kids, we had 2 guitar players, a singer, a drummer and I played bass.  We would show up at the drummers house on Saturday afternoon because he had all the gear and we would stand around going… ‘so what song do you know?  What can we play?’  We would try to teach each other the song or play an intro or a verse but it would quickly fall apart so we would just play

Sound familiar? This program began 10 years ago to guide students through that process. Our goal is to take students who have never before played in a band and teach them the skills and tools they need to put together a band on their own. We teach them how to work through a song as a group, how to play and preform the material, how to practice and perfect a list of repertoire and how to prepare for a performance. Our qualified teachers and experienced recording artists act as guides, teaching students everything from the first steps in getting a band together, all the way through to a final show. Taught by professional gigging musicians, the students get the inside scoop from teachers who have been successfully completed the process themselves, and who use real life experience to fast track their students on a path to success.

Specifically designed for students age 11-16 with a minimum of one year private lesson experience on their instrument and a desire to learn how to play in a band.  This class is one hour in length and mimics a real band experience.

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Musical Theatre

A little bit of singing, a little bit of acting, a little bit of dancing and a whole lot of performance. If that sounds like fun to you, then our MUSICAL THEATRE program is right up your alley. In this class, students work through acting games, vocal and dance warm-ups, small productions and preparation for a full performance. Productions include High School Musical, Glee, and a variety of Broadway selections!

In this highly engaging and entertaining program, every student is provided with an equal opportunity to learn and develop in all skill areas. We’re not here to create superstars, but rather focus on making sure that every student learns and understands the fundamentals for future stage pursuits. Beyond this, our qualified and experienced performance instructors will work to build confidence in students.

This class is intended for students ages 11 to 15, who have 1 year of private vocal instruction, previous dance instruction (ballet, jazz or tap) and an interest in musical theatre. Students do not need prior experience in a musical theatre production. Roles and involvement in each production will be determined by their interest, experience and skills, but every student will have the opportunity to perform.