Private lessons.

We offer private one on one lessons Monday through Saturday at both our Lake Bonavista and our McKenzie Towne locations.  We work with students to learn Guitar, Piano, Voice (singing), Drums, Violin, Saxophone, Trumpet, Flute, and more in both classical and contemporary styles.  We work with students who are beginners to students studying for exams, university entrance auditions, professional singers and performers and we train students for exams, competitions and of course students who just want to play for fun.  With over 40 teachers on staff, we have the right fit for just about everyone.

A typical private lesson is 30 minutes in length once a week although we can offer longer lessons or more frequent lessons if a student requests it or if the student is more advanced and requires a longer class.  In this class the teacher will typically start with a warm up to get the fingers, hands, lips or vocal chords prepared for the lesson.  Then the student will typically move to some technical exercises, theory, review material the student has been preparing, introduce new concepts and repertoire, review and assign homework for the following week.  Our goal is to motivate, inspire and educate the student in a fun and friendly environment to encourage and develop the skills of the student.  All students work in a positive environment to help them grow as musicians and achieve their goals be it through exams and competition or just to be a campfire hero.

When to start a student in private lessons?  We don’t have any concrete answers, parents know their child best and will have a good sense of when their ready.  A couple of guidlines to help you decide, your child should be able to sit still and focus for at least 1/2 an hour, they should be able to read (english, we will teach them to read music), be able to communicate and converse with an adult on their own and they should be able to retain and impliment instructions.  Parents are strongly encouraged to sit in on the lessons so they can be a resource for the student at home and the younger the student the more we recommend your involvement.  The following are just guidelines that you can use, we have had students start younger, and sometimes much younger but these are the ages we typically recommend to parents.

Piano  7 years old

Violin 7 years old

Guitar 8 years old 

Drums 9 years old

Voice 10 years old

Brass and woodwind 10 years old

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Group Lessons

Keyboard Adventures – the Safari

Beginner program for students age 4 and up

The Safari is a keyboard based program written and designed to teach students how to play the piano but written with the specific cognative and developmental stages of young students in mind it is simply the best way to introduce young students to music.  The class encorporates stories, singing, rhythm, games, and theory to teach the students the fundimentals of playing the piano. 

Keyboard Adventures – the Safari is a full semester program offered from September through June. 

Please visit our Safari page for more information.

Or Visit the Safari website for a complete description of the program.

Rock Band

Intermediate program for students with a minimum of one year of private lesson experience. Age 10 – 15

Our Rock Band program is designed to take what you have learned in your private classes and apply it by giving you the skills and knowledge to help you play and run a band on your own.  We limit the class to a maximum of one drummer, one bass player, two piano players, two vocalists,  two guitar players and 3 horn players (although it is often much smaller).  Our belief is that the smaller classes will provide the students with as much individual time as possible with the teacher and an experience that is realistic to the band they may put together on their own some day.

Rock band runs as either a half semester class (September through January or February through June), one hour once a week or as a summer camp in July and August.

Please visit our Rock Band page for more information.

Music Mania

Beginner program for students 7-10

Parents and students often don’t know what instrument they want to learn or they have a few instruments they are interested in learning but don’t know which one to start on.  Our Music Mania program solves those questions by providing students with basic instruction on Guitar, Piano, Voice, and Percussion so allowing them to experience each one of these instruments before they commit to a private one on one class.

Music Mania runs as either a half semester class (September through January or February through June), one hour once a week or as a summer camp in July and August.

Please visit our Music Mania page for more information.

Often we run workshops and master classes for students who are interested in developing their skills or learning something new.  Some of our previous workshops and master classes include:
Soloing 101
Soloing 201
Basic guitar set-up and maintenance
songwriting 101
the music business Business
Preparing for your RCM exam
Recording 101
Our workshops and master classes do vary depending on the topic, the instructor and the material being covered but they are typically a 2-hour session working with a small class of 10 people or less.

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