Group Lessons

Group programs are a fun interactive way to engage students in music classes, with programs for students as young as 3 years old

Toddler Tunes


This special program for 3 and 4-year-old students was written to introduce students to the love of music.  Students will be introduced to music and musical concepts building a foundation that they can take with them to their future group and private lessons.

Rock Band


You have spent your time woodshedding learning how to play,  now it’s time to put it together and play in a band.  We help you put the band together with other musicians your own age, learn to play together and put on a performance at the end.


Music Mania

Do you want to play music but you are not sure where to start?  Not sure what instrument you want to play.  Our Music Mania program introduces brand new students to Guitar, Voice, Piano, and Percussion giving you an elementary introduction to each instrument. From here you can have a better idea of what instrument suits you best.

Group Theory

Are you preparing for an upcoming theory exam or are you just interested in learning the ‘why’ and ‘how’ music works?


The Safari

Music students are about to set out on an adventure unlike any other. The Safari is a group music program that provides children with the elementary and vital building blocks of music they need to become accomplished musicians, while also building important life skills.

Our world, and the way that we interact with it, has evolved significantly over the past decades. The Safari is the most technologically advanced, and creative music instruction program for children available today. While embracing our planet’s cultural diversity, The Safari also takes another bold leap forward – delivering the program material on tablets instead of the traditional stacks of books. Safari classes are fun, engaging and create an environment that stimulates today’s young minds to think about, learn and play music in new ways.

The Safari is for students aged 4-1/2 to 11. They may begin their Safari journey at a variety of levels and, depending on the age at which a student begins, they may spend between 2 to 4 years on their Safari adventure.  ‘Junior Safari’ students begin the program at age 4½ – 5 and learn essential musical concepts through movement, rhythm, songs and stories, along with basic keyboard skills and note reading.  For older beginning students, they may start their Safari journey at the ‘Intermediate Safari’ level (at age 5½ – 6) or they may begin their journey with the ‘Senior Safari’ level (at age 7 – 8).  In the advanced Safari levels, students continue to build their piano skills while further developing their understanding of important musical concepts.

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The Safari