Private Lessons

Studio Nine offers private music lessons in a variety of instruments throughout the week at times that fit your schedule. Lessons are available for students of all ages and skill levels. One of the advantages of private music lessons is that each lesson is designed specifically for the individual student. This may include an introduction to the instrument or exam prep, for example. Classes are also specifically organized for the goals of the individual, as adult students may have different goals than younger ones. Private classes can then work to meet the specific needs and goals of any student, ensuring everyone has the best opportunity for success!

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Studio Nine School of Music offers lessons in acoustic, electric and bass guitar. We have teachers with many different backgrounds who love to teach a variety of styles including:

  • Rock  

  • Jazz

  • Classical

  • Pop

We also offer lessons in the more specialized areas of Spanish guitar and chording. Most of our teachers actively perform in bands and have college or university degrees with a focus in music and arts.

Students will arrive with their instrument, books, any other supplies they are working on with their teacher and hopefully a big smile (if not, don’t worry, we have plenty to spare!) In the classroom, students and teachers will tune up the guitar and get ready for their lesson. Once the guitar and student are ready to rock, we’ll let the music roll! Together, teachers and students will work on materials that the two have decided on together. These things may include:

  • Finger exercises
  • Scales
  • Technique
  • Theory
  • Chording
  • Note Reading
  • Repertoire

Private guitar lessons give students the advantage of custom tailoring the lesson to meet their specific needs and goals. Whether you are an adult looking to learn a few songs to play around the camp fire, a beginner who isn’t sure where to start, or a student looking to build a career in music, we can help you build a program for success! Register now or contact us for more details on how to get started!


Both of our Studio Nine School of Music locations offer private piano lessons on an acoustic upright and digital pianos. Our piano instructors specialize in a variety of areas, including:

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • and a variety of other styles of music

All are happy to work with you and/or your child in a style of your choosing.
Many of our piano instructors have worked through the Royal Conservatory of Music, and have achieved their Associate of The Royal Conservatory (ARCT) and/or post-secondary degrees in music. With a variety of styles and skill levels, Studio Nine School of Music is able to offer you or your child a suitable match to help reach specific goals in piano. All Studio Nine piano instructors are happy to work with beginners, intermediate or more advanced performers and players.

In a typical lesson students will arrive with their method book(s), dictation book and any other supplies they are working on. In the classroom, they will work on technique which may include scales or finger exercises, note reading, and repertoire. The teacher will review the material from the previous week, work on areas of concern, or answer questions. They will then work on and assign new material for the up-coming week.

Working with a private teacher offers the individual attention many students prefer in order to achieve their goals, whether those goals be high grades on a music exam or the ability to play at the next dinner party. For students not taking exams, our instructors are happy to work on pop music from a series of books, or methods that focus on chording and contemporary music. Register now to get started! Or contact us here for more information.

Brass and Woodwind

At Studio Nine School of Music we are fortunate to have teachers that specialize in a multitude of brass and woodwind instruments. This ensures that students feel at ease knowing they are receiving instruction from a qualified and knowledgeable teacher. Our goal at Studio Nine School of Music is to teach the proper techniques and to prepare students for all of t heir future ambitions. All of our brass and woodwind instructors are qualified to prepare students for their Royal Conservatory exams, university or college entrance performance, school band programs, and just for the fun of learning.



Studio Nine School of Music is proud to offer violin lessons at both of our locations. All of our instructors excel in taking inexperienced students and teaching them the basics, as well as preparing them for exams, college and  university entrance, and festival performances.

We are also extremely fortunate to have teachers that specialize in classical violin as well as the fiddle and contemporary music, great for those students who are more interested in Celtic, bluegrass or jazz violin.

Many of our violin teachers recommend waiting until the age of 6 or 7 years old to ensure they have the best chance of success and joy in their music.

Students will need to have their own violin for lessons. We recommend renting for the first few years, so they can exchange the instrument for one that is an appropriate size, until they are big enough the stay with one size of violin for a number of years. Of course, it is best to have the student and the violin sized at the time of rental, so bring the student along to make sure you get the right size violin the first time out.

Here is a handy guideline to use before you go in:



Here at Studio Nine School of Music, we are fortunate to have many professional voice instructors to choose from. Our instructors specialize in classical and operatic styles, musical theatre, jazz and contemporary vocals. All of our voice instructors have post-secondary musical degrees and are dedicated to achieving excellence with you or your child. Studio Nine is fortunate to have teachers such as Daniel Amezcua, Megan Daye, Pamela Gibson to mention a few.

The main focus of all Studio Nine School of Music’s vocal instructors is to provide students with excellent instruction while protecting and developing their voices. Students working with Studio Nine instructors and students have consistently excelled in Royal Conservatory exams, the Kiwanis festival, other music festivals and competitions and auditions across Canada including the Young Canadians. However, our instructors also see the value of fun in music and ensure enjoyment in the classroom, whether the goal is excellence in exams or a less competitive focus.

In a typical voice lesson the students will focus on:

  • Breathing technique
  • Development of tone and range
  • Note reading
  • Repertoire

Whether you are looking for a teacher to guide you through graded exams, help you successfully pass and audition, or just to sing in key in the shower, we have the right teacher for you at Studio Nine School of Music!