Summer Camps and Lessons



Make New Friends and Have Fun singing & Playing Your Favorite Songs with Experienced, FUN Music Teachers

5 Great Camps to Choose From:

Music Mania

  • Amaze your friends by playing piano, drums, guitar and singing

High School Musical

  • Have fun acting, singing and directing, PLUS learn to design a set, design costumes and put on makeup

Rock Band

  • Play in a cool rock band while learning to improvise and play killer solos.

Kindergarten Piano

  • Learn how to play piano through games, stories, dance and your own keyboard.

Real Guitar Hero

  • Be a real guitar hero by learning to lay all of the coolest songs.

PRIVATE LESSONS Also Available at $29.50/lesson.

  • Offered every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at both our McKenzie Towne and our Lake Bonavista locations.  Saturday’s at our McKenzie Towne Location
  • Flexible Schedule – purchase packages of 2, 4, 6, or 8 lessons and then schedule the lessons to accommodate your availability.  Continue your musical education free of any conflicts with holiday’s, summer camps or other activities.


Sign Me Up! – Only $150/Week.

All of our summer camps are designed to teach and strengthen the basics in a fun, yet highly educational group atmosphere with up to 10 students, and are all taught by experienced, certified instructors.


Music Mania

Learn how to sing and play guitar, drums, and piano like a superstar in Music Mania, so you can amaze all of your friends!

Spend just 5 days this summer at Music Mania learning how to play like a rock star, and gain some cool skills! This program will help students:

  • Learn tips and tricks to make piano, guitar, drums and singing feel easy and natural
  • Learn to play your favorite songs by ear
  • Smash the drums like your favorite superstar
  • Harmonize with friends
  • Boost confidence by learning 4 new instruments

No previous experience is required to have fun at our summer camp.

Our summer camps aim to be inclusive of all musical backgrounds, so everyone can join in. The Music Mania camp is designed with beginners in mind, so no previous experience is required. We assume that none of the students have played before so that we can get everyone on the same level as soon as possible.

We can accommodate kids with experience, so everyone can have fun learning.

In this camp, we look at four instruments: piano, guitar, drums and your voice. Maybe you have experience singing, but you have never picked up a guitar before. With our focus on flexibility, we are able to give everyone fun group lessons that are worth their time.

Studio Nine’s professional certified instructors help you have fun while learning.

All of our instructors are certified professionals from Studio Nine. They know how to balance education with fun in a positive environment that is designed and catered to each age group.

Try out 4 popular instruments, so you can pick one you really like.

With our program, you will have the chance to try piano, guitar, voice and drums all in the same week. You won’t just try the instrument but actually learn some skills and some songs that will stay with you the rest of your life. This is an excellent way for students who have an interest in learning more than one instrument to try out and experience learning guitar, piano, drums and singing all in a single camp.

Kids should have fun in the summer, so we don’t have homework or required daily practice.

We understand that kids are supposed to relax and have fun in the summer, so we never assign homework. Each day, before beginning the new lessons for the day, we review the material from the previous day with our students. We find that this way students stay on the same level because no one is practicing extra at home.

Small class sizes full of kids your age means you will meet your new best friends.

Group sizes are 4 to 10 children so that all children receive adequate instruction, attention, and care. Children also feel comfortable making friends with their fellow campmates when we keep class sizes this small. It only takes 5 days to feel confident. Come out to meet your new best friends!

Perform for your family and friends, to show off your new talents!

Not only will you learn how to play the instruments and play together but on the final day, we will have a small performance for your friends and family so they can see just how much you have accomplished during the week.

Camp dates, times and locations:

  • Please call for scheduling and availability

Music Mania Camp ($150.00 per session)


High School Musical

If you like Musical Theatre, dancing, singing and acting, you will love our camp!

Musical Theatre Camp is a lot of fun and teaches you how to sing, dance and act like your favorite stars!

Here is what you will be doing throughout the week:

  • Strengthen your singing voice for the stage
  • Master cool dance moves to show your friends
  • Learn how to perform and be like your favorite actors
  • Conquer your fears of performing for an audience
  • Make friends along the way!
  • Kids and teens who participate in performing arts score higher on exams

No previous singing, dance or acting experience is necessary, so everyone feels welcome.

We assume that all students arrive with little or no experience in musical theatre. Our certified instructors start by teaching you the basics, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. From there, you will learn cool dance moves and tricks, how to sing fun theatre songs for a crowd, and how to act just like your favorite movie stars.

Studio Nine’s certified instructors make learning fun and easy.

All of Studio Nine’s certified singing, dancing, and acting teachers have plenty of experience working with kids and teens. They teach you the basics first, then show you how to grow on stage. You’ll be a star in no time!

Our teaching methods help you learn fast.

Our certified teachers design easy-to-learn choreography with our students in mind. All of the choreography is accessible for kids and teens in their specific age group and helps develop their existing muscle and skill.

Singing, dancing, and acting is great exercise, so your parents will be happy.

Singing tones our muscles increases lung capacity and helping regulate breathing. Singing also builds a relaxed, yet tall and confident posture. That means that singing is a great exercise. Dancing builds strength and flexibility but is also really fun.

Our summer camps help you get over your shyness and meet new friends.

Are you a bit shy? Our small classes are the perfect place for you to learn how to express yourself. With only 4-10 kids in each class, students receive exceptional attention while building confidence in their own time. We want you to feel comfortable in our positive learning environment, so we make sure to keep similar ages and skill levels together. This way no students feel overwhelmed or bored with the instructions.

Theatre lessons tie all of your skills together, so you will be a superstar in no time!

Theatre requires extreme movements, expression, and style. Without these distinct and extreme movements, the crowd watching the performance may not see exactly what each actor is acting out. Theatre classes increase fitness, strength, and coordination, as students must develop their motor skills until they are suitable for the stage.

Learn about different characters, then act them out yourself.

Acting out different characters lets you learn about different roles and personalities, and how to problem solve in different ways. They learn from the experience of the character they take on. This helps our students later in life, as they encounter new situations.

You will have fun learning and preparing for a final performance.

Students will spend the week preparing to perform a musical theatre production (think Glee, High School Musical, Into the Woods, Disney films such as Frozen, etc) for their families at the end of the week. Students will be given the chance to direct, act and sing in a production, as well as participate in set making, costuming and make-up design.  Instruction will be given in acting, singing, dance and stage-blocking. By the end of the week, you will know all there is to know about stage performing. From there, you can pick their favorite role and follow it.

Camp dates, times and locations:

  • Please call for scheduling and availability

High School Musical Camp ($150.00 per session)


Rock Band Camp

Join our Rock Band Camp this summer to learn how to rock out to your favorite songs with friends your age!

Our Rock Band Camp teaches children how to jam like their favorite rock stars! This program will help students:

  • Learn how to play in a band, so you can make one of your own
  • Learn classic rock songs and hit radio songs to play in your future band
  • Learn how to improvise with your instrument to slay great solos
  • Practice writing and playing your own songs, so you can be a star

Studio Nine instructors are certified and know how to make learning fun.

Studio Nine’s instructors are professional experts in their field, certified to teach you, and know how to help you have fun along the way. Not only do we teach you how to play together in a band, but we show you other fun stuff too – like photoshoots. Learning has never been better!

With our methods, you learn really fast because your band chooses the songs.
We find that you learn faster when you play a song you love. Our Rock Band Summer Camp takes student requests so that our certified instructors can teach you exactly what you want to play. We help guide the rockers so they choose songs that are appropriate for their personal playing level and abilities as a group, but ultimately our students decide the songs we play.

Small classes help you make new friends that stay your friends forever.
Students of similar age and skill levels are placed together in classes of 4-10 teens. Not only does this help create a positive atmosphere for learning, but it also helps our students build friendships. Friendships based on musical compatibility are often long lasting and valuable. Come meet your new bandmates!

Our instructors actually play instruments themselves, so you get the full experience.
Don’t know a drummer or a singer?  Never had a chance to jam with a saxophone player? No worries, our class is open to all instruments and vocalists. Take this opportunity to use the knowledge and skills you have developed in your private classes and put it to use. Surround yourself with like-minded people who play a different instrument. Collaborate, Create, and Rock Out!

We cover all of the rock band bases, so you get to choose what role in a band you like best.

A rock band has a few players. Some students like songwriting, while others prefer smashing the drums. In our Rock Band Camp, you get to try out a bunch of different instruments before choosing which one you want to play.

We prepare you for a final performance, so you can rock out to your friends and family.

Not only do you learn how to play the instruments and play together, but we prepare you to perform. On the final day, we host a small performance for friends and family, so our students can show off everything they learned over the week. We even have a mini photo-shoot for the students and their band mates!

Camp dates, times and locations:

  • Please call for scheduling and availability

Rock Band Camp ($150.00 per session)

Kindergarten Piano Camp

It’s a fact, kids have more fun, learn faster and retain everything longer when learning to play piano through games, stories, activities and play in Kindergarten Piano Camp!

At this “Tons of Fun” piano camp, kids learn basic piano skills in a fun way. This program will help them:

  • Develop a love for education from a young age
  • Improve spatial-temporal reasoning which is necessary for learning math and science
  • Strengthen hand-eye coordination
  • Improve concentration and memory
  • Develop a better attitude
  • Get along better with future classmates and have fewer discipline problems

Studio Nine Early Childhood Certified Instructors keep kids engaged longer in a safe, non-competitive environment

Our highly trained early childhood music instructors know exactly how to keep your children engaged in a positive way while teaching them valuable skills. Does your child show an interest in music but you don’t know where to start? Do you want your child to have a foundation in piano, but have fun while they learn? Are you looking to try out piano lessons for your children, but don’t want to make a long-term commitment? Our kidndergarden summer piano camp is a great place for your child to explore their skills and learn to express themselves through music.

Studio Nine Early Childhood Programs are proven to have more lasting effects

Our program incorporates games and crafts that will not only make the lessons more fun but they also help the students retain and recite the information better and faster. Studies show that when young students learn with games and fun exercises they retain more information, have a more positive learning experience and will continue longer in their field of study.

The intro to piano program uses games, stories, and physical activities to teach the fundamentals of music education in a fun and engaging way.

Students will actually play their way through the music program, sing and dance their way to an understanding of complex ideas and concepts and listen to engaging stories all designed to create a deep understanding of musical concepts and ideas. Of course, they will also spend a LOT of time playing and working directly on their own keyboard to develop the skills and learn some songs. This unique program will teach students the right way to play the piano with fundamentals that they will use for the rest of their musical lives.

Our small camp sizes mean more attention for your child that builds better interpersonal skills, communications skills, and teamwork

Many children work and learn better when they are able to work with their peers. Our program works with small groups where students interact and work together on both the piano and their other activities. This helps them build interpersonal skills, communication skills, and teamwork. Together they learn and play and grow in a positive environment under the instruction of our teachers. Our ideal class size is 6 students but we can work with groups as small as 4 and as large as 8, never any less or any more. This is an excellent size for young students to receive personalized one-on-one instruction from the teacher as well as build friendships with their peers. We want your children to receive the absolute best instruction and care when you sign them up for our kids camps.

No daily practice required, so your young children can have fun, stress-free

Every day the students will review the material from the previous day before they move on to new material. There is never an expectation for the students to go home and practice before they come back the next day, especially with the younger groups. We want you to have as much quality time with your kids as possible.

Classes are grouped by age levels, so all children feel comfortable

We know that young children mature and develop quickly. Our program is offered in two specific age groups for students: 4-year-old class, and 5/6-year-old class. Not only will students have a better time being surrounded by students who are the same age as them, but they will also learn better and faster because the program is written specifically for their age and level of development.

No parent participation is required, so mom and dad can sneak in some relaxation time

Students absolutely learn faster when their parents are involved, but in this summer program, the classes do not include parent participation. Students will learn to work independently and directly with their teacher and their peers. This is excellent practice for students who are entering kindergarten or grade 1 at school. Many parents want their children to have a little more experience away from mom and dad before school begins.

Camp dates, times and locations:

  • Please call for scheduling and availability

Kindergarten Piano Camp ($150.00 per session)

Real Guitar Hero Camp

Learn how to play guitar like a rock star and impress your friends in Real Guitar Hero Camp!

At our Real Guitar Hero Camp, you will learn how to play your favorite songs on guitar while developing beneficial skills, such as:

  • Basic guitar tricks and techniques, so you can play faster
  • Improve your memory, so you never forget all of your favorite songs
  • Fun practice makes flawless guitar playing
  • Boost your confidence by mastering cool riffs
  • Make lots of friends who have similar interests

No experience is required, so everyone starts at the same level.

We want students to become oriented with musical instruments hassle and stress-free. That means that we don’t expect any previous experience with any of the instruments – we start with the basics! Our affordable camps are a great way to test the musical waters.

Studio Nine’s certified instructors teach you in fun ways.

At Studio Nine School of Music, we want you to have a fun experience while learning, so we have our certified instructors teach you. First, we teach you the basics, like chords, scales, and timing. After you have mastered the fundamentals, our professional instructors teach you more complex theories and your favourite songs. We promise you won’t want the week to end.

Studio Nine’s methods help you learn faster.

It’s a fact: you retain more information when you are having fun. Our certified instructors know exactly how to keep you engaged and happy while learning how to play guitar. We don’t just stick to boring songs. We work together in small groups, and learn to play what you want. It’s easy to play and remember songs that you already know all of the words to!

Our interactive group teaches students to be self-aware of their own sound.

Our certified instructors balance accelerated learning with in-depth education so that you can learn all of the fundamentals in just 5 days. Our program is designed to get you to play the guitar as quickly as possible, without missing any beats. The small group setting and accelerated pace forces you to practice perseverance and patience, and you will feel great about what you can accomplish! By the end of the week, the Real Guitar Hero is setup similar to how people jam around a campfire in the summer or play together in a band.

You will love the songs you’re learning because you choose them!

Our goal in this 5-day camp is to teach students the basics of playing guitar, so you have the tools to continue learning on their own or through lessons. Fundamentals come first, but we teach you how to put your skills together in familiar ways. That means we teach you to play rock songs and songs you would hear on the radio. You learn to connect with the music and play increasingly better.

We provide guitars for all students feels included and comfortable

You are welcome to bring your own guitar if you have one, but we provide guitars for our students. This is the perfect setup if you are looking to try the guitar, but your parents want you to be sure that you like it.

Learning in a small group is fun and helps you make friends.

We understand that every student is different, but we design our program so that you can learn to play as a group. Our class sizes are limited to 4 to 10 students, so everyone receives the best attention. Students encourage each other and work on the assigned material together to help each other develop. The result is a fun community of skill-building and friendship. You will learn to communicate and cooperate better without even realizing it! We group students based on age and interest, so you don’t have to worry about making friends.

Amaze your friends and family with a final performance.

The whole week leads up to a final performance for your friends and family. You will see how fun it is to put on a show!

  • Young beginners: ages 7 – 10
  • Teen group: ages 11 – 15

Camp dates, times and locations:

  • Please call for scheduling and availability

Real Guitar Hero Camp ($150.00 per session)