Summer Camps and Lessons

Day Camps



Full day summer day camps for students age 6-12.

Send your child on a musical adventure.  They will explore playing musical instruments, sing in a group acting in a musical theatre production and just have fun. No experience is necessary because your child will be taught the basics in an exciting and engaging class setting with their peers, AND it’s not just music. Students will spend their time occupied with other activities to keep them engaged and having a great time.  Make this a musical summer to remember.


Students enrolled in the camp will be introduced to a variety of musical instruments.

  • Guitar
  • Drums/percussion
  • Piano
  • Voice


No experience, No Problem. They will be introduced to the basics through exercises, activities, and games. Looking to have fun? Great! Every student will work and play on each instrument building their fundamentals and having fun.

Looking to decide on an instrument to play? Great! this class is for you.  After a full week of playing a variety of instruments, they will have a much better idea of which instrument is for them.

So you are already learning to play an instrument? No problem.  Students will work on every instrument but if you are already ahead of the class on one instrument we can always challenge you with some advanced exercises and techniques.


Your child will be grouped with students who are a similar age to keep the classes enjoyable and their progress on track. Your child will be able to make friends and work at a pace that is not influenced by students outside their age range. Students work on:


4 and 5-year-olds

  • Piano introduction
  • Singing/vocal arts introduction
  • Musical theatre
  • Percussion

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6 – 8-year-old program

  • Piano introduction
  • singing/vocal introduction
  • drum/percussion introduction
  • Guitar introduction
  • Musical theatre

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9 – 12-year-old program

  • Piano Introduction
  • Singing/vocal introduction
  • Drum/percussion introduction
  • Guitar introduction
  • Play in a band
  • Musical Theatre

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Students will also have the opportunity to do activities that are not music related. Depending on the weather, students will spend time outside with activities and playing games. If the weather does not cooperate, students, we have a list of activities to do indoors to keep the students engaged.


Give your child an experience that will last a lifetime.  Get them started on playing an instrument and introduce them to singing and musical theatre. Small class sizes will maximize their one on one time with the teacher and keep them with a peer group that is small and intimate. Introduce them to music and playing an instrument in a fun and engaging musical summer camp with Studio Nine.

Music Mania

Learn how to sing and play guitar, drums, and piano like a superstar in Music Mania, so you can amaze all of your friends!

Spend just 5 days this summer at Music Mania learning how to play like a rock star, and gain some cool skills! This program will help students:


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  • Learn tips and tricks to make piano, guitar, drums and singing feel easy and natural
  • Learn to play your favorite songs by ear
  • Smash the drums like your favorite superstar
  • Harmonize with friends
  • Boost confidence by learning 4 new instruments

No previous experience is required to have fun at our summer camp.

Our summer camps aim to be inclusive of all musical backgrounds, so everyone can join in. The Music Mania camp is designed with beginners in mind, so no previous experience is required. We assume that none of the students have played before so that we can get everyone on the same level as soon as possible.

We can accommodate kids with experience, so everyone can have fun learning.

In this camp, we look at four instruments: piano, guitar, drums and your voice. Maybe you have experience singing, but you have never picked up a guitar before. With our focus on flexibility, we are able to give everyone fun group lessons that are worth their time.

Studio Nine’s professional certified instructors help you have fun while learning.

All of our instructors are certified professionals from Studio Nine. They know how to balance education with fun in a positive environment that is designed and catered to each age group.

Try out 4 popular instruments, so you can pick one you really like.

With our program, you will have the chance to try piano, guitar, voice and drums all in the same week. You won’t just try the instrument but actually learn some skills and some songs that will stay with you the rest of your life. This is an excellent way for students who have an interest in learning more than one instrument to try out and experience learning guitar, piano, drums and singing all in a single camp.

Kids should have fun in the summer, so we don’t have homework or required daily practice.

We understand that kids are supposed to relax and have fun in the summer, so we never assign homework. Each day, before beginning the new lessons for the day, we review the material from the previous day with our students. We find that this way students stay on the same level because no one is practicing extra at home.

Small class sizes full of kids your age means you will meet your new best friends.

Group sizes are 4 to 10 children so that all children receive adequate instruction, attention, and care. Children also feel comfortable making friends with their fellow campmates when we keep class sizes this small. It only takes 5 days to feel confident. Come out to meet your new best friends!

Perform for your family and friends, to show off your new talents!

Not only will you learn how to play the instruments and play together but on the final day, we will have a small performance for your friends and family so they can see just how much you have accomplished during the week.

Camp dates, times and locations:

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Music Mania Camp 




Rock Band Camp

Join our Rock Band Camp this summer to learn how to rock out to your favorite songs with friends your age!

Our Rock Band Camp teaches children how to jam like their favorite rock stars! This program will help students:


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  • Learn how to play in a band, so you can make one of your own
  • Learn classic rock songs and hit radio songs to play in your future band
  • Learn how to improvise with your instrument to slay great solos
  • Practice writing and playing your own songs, so you can be a star

Studio Nine instructors are certified and know how to make learning fun.

Studio Nine’s instructors are professional experts in their field, certified to teach you, and know how to help you have fun along the way. Not only do we teach you how to play together in a band, but we show you other fun stuff too – like photoshoots. Learning has never been better!

With our methods, you learn really fast because your band chooses the songs.
We find that you learn faster when you play a song you love. Our Rock Band Summer Camp takes student requests so that our certified instructors can teach you exactly what you want to play. We help guide the rockers so they choose songs that are appropriate for their personal playing level and abilities as a group, but ultimately our students decide the songs we play.

Small classes help you make new friends that stay your friends forever.
Students of similar age and skill levels are placed together in classes of 4-10 teens. Not only does this help create a positive atmosphere for learning, but it also helps our students build friendships. Friendships based on musical compatibility are often long lasting and valuable. Come meet your new bandmates!

Our instructors actually play instruments themselves, so you get the full experience.
Don’t know a drummer or a singer?  Never had a chance to jam with a saxophone player? No worries, our class is open to all instruments and vocalists. Take this opportunity to use the knowledge and skills you have developed in your private classes and put it to use. Surround yourself with like-minded people who play a different instrument. Collaborate, Create, and Rock Out!

We cover all of the rock band bases, so you get to choose what role in a band you like best.

A rock band has a few players. Some students like songwriting, while others prefer smashing the drums. In our Rock Band Camp, you get to try out a bunch of different instruments before choosing which one you want to play.

We prepare you for a final performance, so you can rock out to your friends and family.

Not only do you learn how to play the instruments and play together, but we prepare you to perform. On the final day, we host a small performance for friends and family, so our students can show off everything they learned over the week. We even have a mini photo-shoot for the students and their bandmates!

Camp dates, times and locations:

Rock Band Camp 


Guitar Camp

Do you dream of strumming a guitar with your friends while you sit around the campfire?  Our guitar workshop camp is written specifically to get you on your way. Over the week we will teach you chords, note reading, theory and of course songs.

  • Small class sizes to ensure you get lots of individual attention from the teacher
  • Peer Group Camps are organized for 6 -8 year olds or 9 – 12 year olds
  • Bring your guitar or borrow one from us
  • No experience necessary – we start from the beginning with the basics
  • Learn popular songs
  • Convenient early evening classes – so you don’t interfere with your other camps

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Make it a summer to remember and learn a skill that will last a lifetime.


Musical Theatre

Work with local talent Daniel Amezcua as he guides you through your musical theatre training.  Students start on day one of the camp preparing a production to perform for their friends and family.  Musical games, singing, and dance are just a few of the fun activities students will experience during the week.  No experience is necessary because Mr. Amezcua will guide every student and if you have previous experience we can challenge you on an individual basis to ensure you will be challenged and learn new skills.  

Choir Camp


Theory Camp

Are you taking the preliminary rudiments exam in August?  Do you have a keen interest in theory or did your teacher suggest a theory class over the summer?  Not your traditional theory class our teachers will take you through the basics and cover all the material of course but we also keep it fun and engaging for every student.

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Dj Camp

More than just playing your favorite songs on an iPod today’s DJ’s are artists in their own right creating and crafting their own mix of songs.  Seamlessly blending beats and songs into unique arrangements and crafting your own unique versions of popular songs, this is the modern DJ. Let us show you some of the tools and skills so you can take this information and start to hone your craft.

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Improve 101

The art of improvisation.  The ability to play musical ideas composed spontaneously from the performer’s mind rather than the written page.  Jazz, rock, blues, and country all have artists that play and solo from the hip creating inspiring lines off the top of their head and we can show you how.  Whether you are looking for ideas to get started or new concepts and approaches to improvisation we have concepts and ideas that will challenge you with and give you new things to try when you improvise.

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Recording Camp

Thriller, The wall, No Fences, some of the biggest albums of all time.  Did you ever wonder how they were recorded? Do you dream of being in the recording studio placing microphones and pushing faders?  You will spend a week learning the basics of recording and mixing so you can go home and start to record on your own. We will talk about equipment, tricks, and theory while working hands-on with both recording and mixing.  At the end of the week, you will be able to sit in your basement and record on your own.

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Songwriting Camp

You have learned how to play songs from your favorite artists and composers now it’s your turn to craft a song.  Over the course of the week we will introduce you to some of the essential elements of a song, including;

  • Melody
  • Chords
  • Rhythm
  • Style
  • Story
  • Lyrics
  • Arrangement

Students will work through specific exercises to develop the necessary skills to understand each element required to craft a song.  THEN students will put this knowledge to work and begin composing their own material.

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