Group Programs

Rock Band

Intermediate group music program for students with a minimum of one year private lesson experience. Age 10-15.


You have started to learn your instrument, now it’s time to put your skills to work and become a star.  Learning how to play in a band, learning songs as a group and learning how to perform are rarely taught in a private class. Most musicians agree that this is the most fun part of playing an instrument. We’ll help you put together a band and show you the tricks and shortcuts that will help you on your path to stardom. We encourage guitar, piano, vocal and drum students to ‘join the band’ and put their practice to use. It’s time to use the skills and knowledge you have acquired in private lessons in a band setting. Groups are age specific so you will be working with your peers. Students will spend time learning the songs to perform, and applying the knowledge they have already acquired.

Our Rock Band program is designed to take what you have learned in your private classes and apply it. We give you the skills and knowledge to help you play and run a band on your own. We limit the class to a maximum of one drummer, one bass player, two piano players, two vocalists, two guitar players and 3 horn players, although it is often much smaller. Our belief is that the smaller classes will provide the students with as much individual time as possible with the teacher. This will give them experience that is realistic to the band they may put together on their own some day.


Rock band runs as a half semester class, either September through January, or February through June.

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