Why I started music lessons as an adult


The Decision.

As I grew into adulthood, closing the schooling chapter of my life and began working, I found that I was not challenging my brain anymore. Of course, work is busy, sometimes stressful, and life itself is hectic; but I was not using my brain for critical thinking skills like I used to. Working in customer service has its challenges, but most of the time the conflicts I handle are not unique and are routine to solve. Honestly, I felt like I needed something else to keep mentally busy; like a dog needs a bone to stay occupied.  

Every other Sunday my family has a traditional sit-down meal; we play board games and simply spend time together: I chat with my siblings about school, my dad gives us “life” advice, and my sister has a piano lesson with my mom. As time went on, my mom began asking me if I wanted to start taking piano lessons too, and I would always say no simply because I was scared of the challenge. So, one day while I was at work, there was an older lady who came in to register for piano lessons. During her registration, I asked her why she decided to take lessons. I had assumed that maybe she was a previous piano player and just wanted a “refresh” lesson. I was wrong! She was a brand new beginner and she told me that she wanted to enroll for lessons because she wanted to challenge her brain during retirement. And that is when everything clicked for me. My mother had kept offering to teach me piano lessons and I would decline because I was scared to try something new… but now I would have something to challenge my brain!

When I got home from work that night I texted my mom and told her I would take her up on her offer and start piano lessons. Not only was this a nice bonding activity for us (as she became my mother when I turned 19) but it was also a way that I could find peace within myself. After starting piano lessons, I achieved my goal of starting to challenge my brain again and also many other valuable things. Playing piano has really helped with my anxiety and stress management, I feel more creative now than ever in my life and my critical thinking skills have improved. ALSO! I can type on the keyboard at work and not have to look down when I am writing emails, letters, etc which is awesome because I am so efficient! I have always wanted to be able to type without looking down at my keyboard!   

My suggestion to new students and new adult students is this: it is worth the step outside of your comfort zone. If you practice and stay positive you will do well in your musical journey. I am so proud of myself for what I have accomplished since September 2017!