Dan Zhang

Dan Zhang started teaching at Studio Nine in 2015 and has been an avid violinist for 15 years. He completed his RCM Grade 10 violin with first class honours, his RCM Grade 6 Piano with first class honours with distinction, and holds a degree in biology and music from the University of Calgary. As a student, Dan has competed in a variety of music competitions, including the Calgary Performing Arts Festival (formerly Calgary Kiwanis Festival) and was the 2013 Alberta Gold Medalist, having achieved the highest mark in his grade. In addition, he is an experienced orchestral musician. Dan has played with the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra for 3 years and is the principal 2nd violinist of the University of Calgary Orchestra.

In his lessons, Dan emphasizes technical consistency while fine-tuning musicianship and performance skills. He is a firm believer that a strong foundation allows for greater enjoyment of the violin and loves working with parents alongside of their students. Dan pulls from his own experience as a student of violin in order to personalize and design each lesson specifically for the needs of his students. His ultimate goal is to instill a sense of the enrichment music can have on lives while working to ensure that the student’s personal goals are realized.

Although classically trained, Dan has no objection to exploring a variety of music styles from various backgrounds and histories. Once the basics of the instrument have been established, he is more than happy to delve into new music with students.

Aside from music, Dan dabbles in molecular biology. He is currently an NSERC funded Master’s student working in a stem cell lab and has presented his research at various symposiums, including the 22nd International C. elegans Conference at UCLA in Los Angeles. His hobbies include theatre, hiking, and science.

Dan is currently accepting private violin students.