Dean Caplan

Dean Caplan is a pianist, keyboardist and percussionist. His experience spans over forty years as a performer and composer, and thirty years as an educator. Playing since he was four, Dean formed his first band at age thirteen and began playing professionally a year later. After high school he earned a Bachelor of Music Education degree at the University of Saskatchewan, all the while teaching lessons, gigging, and writing jingles to earn extra money.

As a performer Dean has toured North America playing diverse genres. From musical theatre and circus pit bands, to large rock and country music shows in arenas and outdoor festivals. Dean teaches private lessons, serves as an accompanist, and writes music for television and other media placements.

As a music educator, Dean believes his main role is to “guide students in bringing out the music that is in each of us. Every student is different and so should be their teaching and learning experience.”
Dean’s goal is to tailor each lesson to the individual student’s wants and needs so they have a stake in their own learning.