Ken Murdoch

Ken has over 10 years of performance experience in a variety of genres.  He is a band member of ‘Trio Romanza’ and has performed as a singer/guitarist with rock bands such as ‘Left Sun’ and ‘Electric Kool-Aid’. Ken has recorded with heavy metal band, ‘Outlaws of Ravenhurst,’ and has a solo record showcasing his talents as an all around musician with talents in a variety of instruments.

As an experienced music teacher, Ken enjoys the interaction with students that allows both student and teacher to learn, grow and develop as musicians. Ken tries to instill his love of music in his students to help them to reach their full potential. In lessons, he uses popular music as educational tools. The Rock Band Drum Repertoire books are a favorite of his as they teach students current and classic rock songs, encouraging them to practice their skills at home. Ken also likes to accompany students at recitals and concerts.  This helps them feel less nervous and allows them to learn to play with another instrument, which assists their rhythm and listening skills.

Ken is currently accepting private students for drum or guitar lessons.