Pauline Dudus

Pauline started playing piano at age 5, and picked up singing a year later. From the time she started school she was doing recitals, competitions, and other festivals. Pauline did band and choir from grade 7-12. Her teaching career also started while she was in high school.

In university Pauline took piano and concert choir for all four years. While in choir she learned how to sing a capella, as well as harmonize with several different voice ranges. She graduated with BSC in Pure Mathematics.

When her kids were young Pauline volunteered with many different local choirs. Her efforts shifted from choir to band when her kids joined their school programs.

Music has always been a part of Pauline’s life. She is a cheerful teacher whom thoroughly enjoys her teaching career. Pauline ensures that all students get familiar with piano theory and proper posture while playing. She enjoys teaching all ages of students and has been a teacher with Studio Nine for many years and continues to be a great asset to our team. Pauline would be a great choice for both beginner and experienced students.