Peter Friesen

Peter is one of our most experienced drum instructors with over 35 years of performing experience and 15 years of teaching experience. His primary teaching tools are the Joel Rothman Basic Drumming Instructional Method and Progressive Syncopation.
He also constantly brings current drum sheet music and other aids to his lessons to make sure students remain engaged. Peter enjoys teaching everything from Bruno Mars and Green Day to Rush and Led Zeppelin. He does his best to relate to every student on their own level, no matter what their age or gender.

Many of Peter’s students are taught to sight read drum music, however younger students begin by just becoming aware of the music itself.  Peter is very organized and uses very specific and written plans and goals for every student. These methods are used to keep everyone organized, and the students on-track and goal-oriented. Peter’s goals always keep students aiming for success. He feels the most important thing for his students is that they can play to music and have fun doing it.

Peter does quite a bit of freelance work, and works with his own rock trio, The Malibu Band. Also check out is work with his other group,

Peter is currently accepting new students for private drum and ukulele lessons.