Nov 2016

” Ken I wanted to thank you for today. My son is having a lot of challenges with his anxiety and he is very hard on himself right now, but he really likes coming to the lessons, your gentle manner is something that he really connects with So thank you. = Colleen”


I was once a former student of yours taking lessons on the drums, but never had the chance to say thank you. I could always remember the last thing we talked about and that was a style of drumming where the drummer would play off beat intentionally. Unknowingly, I’ve always been counting off beat when playing my 12-bar blues on the piano. Thinking back on past memories when you were my teacher, I don’t think I would be playing the piano ( for two years now) if I never had a great mentor like you to start me off.

Thank you very much for everything!

From: Seth.


I found Studio 9 School of Music with a “Groupon” type deal online. My girlfriend and I had 4 singing lessons and I loved them!  I signed up to start in the fall.  In my first class, I told my Instructor Maddy that I had a goal. My daughter had just gotten engaged and I wanted to surprise her singing what we call “Our Song” (I Hope You Dance by Leanne Womack) on her wedding day.  We went right to work because I had absolutely no singing experience except for the 4 lessons with the Groupon!  Little by little it came together, every week getting better and better. I was nervous for my first recital, but they set it up very well and I felt good about singing even though I was nervous!  The second recital went even better. Had to change Instructors because of an unforeseen move but everything still stayed on schedule.  Before I knew it my daughter’s wedding day had arrived!  I told my husband a week or so before the wedding so he could help with videotaping but otherwise no one in my family knew what I was planning.  I had never done anything like this before and didn’t know if I could see it through, but with the help and support of both my coaches……. I DID IT!  I sang at my daughter’s wedding and was able to pull off the surprise!  It was a day I will never forget and a very special gift I was able to give and I couldn’t have done it without Maddy, Suzanne and Studio 9 School of Music!!  I am still a student that continues to learn and grow, challenging myself to try new songs and set new goals!


Heather Dale

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