Why Should We Care About Music Education?

So many times in this business we hear the phrase, “but if he’s not practicing, what’s the point?” While we understand the frustration of this reality here at Studio Nine, we also understand that any amount of music education is extremely valuable at any age. Benefits of playing an instrument can range from increased mental abilities, physical strengths and even in social intelligence. Here are just a few of those benefits to consider when looking at you or your child’s music education best price levitra.

  • Music education is proven to develop areas of the brain most commonly associated with language and reasoning. Children who study music are known to have larger vocabularies, are more able to comprehend complex language and are more advanced in their reading skills.
  • Learning an instrument aids a person’s ability to focus, making it a great resource for students with learning disabilities. It will help students not only in their music lessons, but also in school work and social situations.
  • Research has shown that music education has a similar effect on the brain as physical activity has on the body. Not only does it strengthen our most important muscle, the brain, it also increases our mental flexibility and problem solving skills.
  • Music education increases our awareness of our bodies, forcing us to focus on our posture and stances. This helps to improve posture and carriage of our bodies increasing our all-around health.
  • Youth who study music have been proven to work better in teams, perform better in standardized testing, math and English, gain more enjoyment from school and pursue further education.
  • Music students tend to have higher self-confidence, a stronger ability to express themselves and their ideas and a higher memory capacity.
  • Music is a joy that can be picked up at any point in one’s life and bring satisfaction to anyone.

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